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startsupport_page.pngThe majority of our RemoteCall customers aren’t even conscious of just how much they are able to personalize and personalize the client connection method. With RemoteCall Professional we provide our customers multiple methods for getting associated with their clients, from embedding the bond box straight into your house page, establishing a customized connection URL with easy one-click access, or setting up a desktop shortcut in your customer’s computer. All these techniques offers methods to make RemoteCall your personal and personalize how you connect and communicate with your clients.

Our most widely used and simple connection method uses our public support page This is actually the default connection way of brand new RemoteCall customers and needs no additional setup. Simply launch a RemoteCall support session and direct your customer to obtain your clients to go in the 6-digit connection code and you’re all set to go.

Option 2: Embedding the bond box to your webpage

embedded connection box.pngOne other popular way of hooking up with clients is embedding the bond box from directly into your own house page. This enables you to maintain your clients by yourself website and provide them a 1-stop-look for remote support which help. This enables you “the user” the opportunity to make your own support portal and brand it in fashion.

Option 3: Developing a personalized support URL

If you would like to test something apart from while using 6-digit connection code, you are able to give your own support URL a go. Utilizing a personal support URL, you are able to take advantage in our patented Web-Icon connection method. The Net-Icon method shows a designated icon for every pending support session that the team launches. Your clients must click on the designated icon connected using the representative they’re talking with. This enables your clients to obtain associated with you within seconds without necessity for complicated connection codes.

personal_url.pngTo create a customized support URL and also the Web-Icon connection method, please speak to your Rsupport account manager for particulars.

Option 4: Setting up a desktop shortcut in your customer’s PC

Our latter enables your clients to set up a shortcut on their own desktop permitting fast and simple future connections. This desktop shortcut could be installed on your part or even the customer throughout the support session. It's suggested you apply the desktop shortcut together with a customized support URL, utilizing the Web-Icon connection method (for info on establishing a customized support URL and Web-Icon connection method, please speak to your Rsupport account manager).

To set up the desktop shortcut, see your personal support URL (e.g., and click on Download Connection Application at the end from the page.

Once installed, your clients must double-click this desktop shortcut to determine a listing of pending support periods out of your support team. Each icon is designated and shows the representative’s title.

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