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In mid September, Wise Whales required a calculated leap that permanently and essentially transformed our organization for that better. We found the realization that people couldn't be the greatest at running an effective and efficient help-desk (negligence we devoted to maintenance our common and comparatively simpler reactive computer support service) whilst running the very best handled services business. Therefore we established an IT partnership having a local Victoria Help-desk company, LiveVHD (VHD = Virtual Help-desk), who is the very best at running an effective and efficient help-desk.

Whenever we first beginning considering this potential change in the summer time, it appeared too frightening. “We can’t turn our treasured clients to a lot of other people.” Our core values include “Healthy Relationships” also it felt initially like we would be turning our backs on a fundamental part of what we should used to do for clients. That feeling began to subside whenever we met with Serta Sturgill and a few of the LiveVHD team. We're able to observe that the corporation had much the same core values, they focused solely around the help-desk element of what we should do (so that they provide this specific kind of it support much better than we have ever could) plus they were particularly designed for companies (worldwide) who're Much Like US. LiveVHD fit Wise Whales just like a glove.

It appeared enjoy it will make good business sense, however it was still being a leap. Wouldso would the onboarding process work? Wouldso would clients react? Wouldso would we react? Obviously, we learned, LiveVHD stick-handles these transitions constantly so that they had lots of great solutions to those worries. I was also extra relieved through the unique offer they gave us: since they're just lower the road from us, these were able and prepared to hire our internal help-desk men and would assign these to our clients. So, to the clients, there are only a brand new telephone number and just from time to time a brand new voice. When we weren’t vocal and open concerning the change (not to mention i was), most clients most likely wouldn’t have known the main difference.

Some of the Smart folks at LiveVHD:

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